My goal at MacLean Wine Consulting is to realize my client's dream of making great wine.

I can tailor my winemaking services to accommodate a large array of production scenarios, from wide spectrum winery oversight to custom crush management.


If you own a brand and use custom crush services, I can oversee the entire process from bulk wine purchasing or grape sourcing all the way through the bottling process. I can also help with licensing and compliance. In short, I offer a truly integrated solution for wine production from beginning to end.


If you own a winery and want to reach the next level of quality, I can infuse seasoned objectivity and flexible creativity to your winemaking tradition. There are "tricks of the trade" that require many years to accumulate and master which I can bring to your operation.


I offer services including harvest logistics, process flow, winery design, crush processing, fermentation protocols, barrel selection, elevage planning, post-harvest blending, fining trials and treatments, pre-bottling blending, packaging options, and problem solving for wines in barrel or tank.